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The familiarity of an eco-friendly structure and the style of an eco-resort in the heart of Tuscan Apennines

Canto del fiume country house, is on a hill in the heart of Tuscan Apennines and is located in the antique village of Raggiolo, which is situated in Casentino, in the province of Arezzo, Tuscany. Since 2015 Raggiolo has been selected by the association “borghi più belli d’Italia”.

Our apartments of various sizes and types, and independent entrance, are the result of a meticulous work of renovation of an ancient complex in the historic center of the village where the streets are only pedestrian, surrounded by gardens and chestnuts and oak trees.

Each apartment has a private entrance and outdoor space in front of the house and is equipped with all the comfort that’ll make the guests feel like they are at home.

From the apartments, the hot-tub and the pool there’s a panoramic view of the valley and mount Verna. All of these will make the guests live in an unrepeatable context where the silence and calm reign supreme. No noise nor car will disturb your stay, only the far murmur of the river and the chirping of the swallows.

The guests will have all the common spaces like gardens and play areas.

Canto del fiume is inspired by an eco-resort even if is an eco-holiday house

-We believed from the beginning in environmental sustainability, realizing a structure in the respect of the architectural and landscape criteria, using local materials and handwork. 

-The use of solar panels allowed us to support the energetic needs of the structure by heating water

-The electricity that we use come only  from renewable sources 

-We support separate collection and encourage our guests to do the same by inform them and providing them the specifics boxes

-For the indoor and outdoor lighting we have installed energy efficient led lamps 

-The pool is sanitized by salt to respect the environment

-We use  ecological detergents and cleaners 

- The installation of the photovoltaic system with storage batteries allowed us both to produce electricity and safeguard the environment. 

Drinkable water

Our structure allows the guests to use tap water which is drinkable and comes from groundwater located in a nearby mountain. This water is regularly controlled by authorities and has a good taste, is safe, saves you money, time, struggle and doesn’t generate waste.


To the water distributed by water supply is added chlorine, as we all know, a substance essential to maintain the water microbiological characteristics. The chlorine taste is easily deletable as it is a very volatile substance. 


  • run fresh water from the taps, especially after a long term of inactivity

  • use a glass jug to maintain water, if it's in the fridge use a food wrap

  • let the water rest for some hours, the better moment is in the evening before going bed, to consummate then in the morning 

  • wash the jug after every use

  • do not conservative water for more than 24 hours.

Promote a more responsible tourism is part of our nature
-“Canto del fiume” promotes responsible tourism by helping our guests to contact in an easy and direct way with the little realities of the territory and the local community,

-We suggest visits to artistic and cultural places of interest, which our area is full of, in particular the less known villages that are more authentic;

-We suggest our guests paths, more or less challenging, to walk, or go with an e-bike or other transport in the middle of nature in Pratomagno or in the National Park of the Casentine forests in which our holiday house is fully surrounded 

-On request we organize tasting of the locals products and we suggest to our guests little agricultural farms and educational farms to visit

-We are part of theiì italian association slow tourism which invites the travelers to experiment a slow, sostenible and responsible tourism, to find out new places but respecting them. 


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